LSO / Rattle / Grainger programme

September 19, 2019 -

Posted By Jo Buchan

The LSO have dedicated an evening to the work of the fascinating enigma that is Percy Grainger, curated by Gerard McBurney (creative director) and Mike Tutaj (projection and sound design). The gentlemen of the London Symphony Chorus will be performing a number of his works for male-voice choir.

A noted concert pianist, Percy Grainger enjoyed a long professional personal relationship with Frederick Delius. His music falls into two categories: original compositions and folk music arrangements.

Malcolm Gillies, a Grainger scholar, noted that “you know it is Grainger when you have heard about one second of a piece”. The music’s most individual characteristic, he argues, is its texture “the weft of the fabric”. Different textures are defined by Grainger as “smooth”, “grained” and “prickly”. One early ambitous work, “The Warriors” (dedicated to Delius) requires a huge orchestra and at least three pianos. In one performance Grainger used 19 pianos with 30 pianists – to be played by “exceptionally strong vigorous players”.

The kaleidoscope of the world of this fascinating composer will be brought to life in this evening of his truly enthralling work.

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